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about us

bit bakery

is a new micro-bakery crafting cookies in Korean and American flavors. It was started in Centreville, VA out of a Korean-American woman's lifelong love of dessert, and her desire to share the beautiful flavors of Korea with the world. 


our story

established in October 2023, bit bakery is the culmination of

one young woman's lifelong love of baking. 


not only is her mission to expand the reach of Korean flavors,

but, in doing so, she wants to ensure that bit bakery provides

a positive influence on the world of food. from using

only organic flour and sustainable chocolate, to incorporating renewable packaging materials at every feasible step, she lovingly and meticulously orchestrated every detail to provide the perfect experience. 

our values

bit bakery is committed to working towards a brighter future for the world. We lead by intentional example, with the confidence that we have the power to make a difference. 


We use 100% sustainable chocolate in our cookies, and all of our handle bags, boxes, tapes, and fillers are made with natural, recyclable materials. 


Each month, we donate a portion of our market proceeds to Helen Keller International's Vitamin A supplementation program in sub-Saharan Africa via GiveWell. 

March 2024               $3.53

April 2024               $24.26

May 2024                $34.77

June 2024               $50.30

We invite you to join us in building a brighter future, one cookie at a time.


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