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Proud to be a Korean-American, Female-owned Small Business

We incorporate traditional Korean flavors into select cookies for those who want a taste of home, and for those who want to try something new. ​


Organic Flour, Sustainable Chocolate

Our conscientiously-made cookies are made with 100% organic flour and 100% sustainable chocolate. They feature additional organic and ethically-sourced ingredients.


"bit" means "light"

Our namesake "bit" means "light" in Korean, and embodies our desire to be a light on the world, through our practices and our products. 

meet us


Meet us at pop-ups, farmers markets, and events in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Stay tuned and discover where we're heading next!

Nationwide shipping

We offer nationwide shipping! Wherever you are, our conscientiously-made cookies are only an order away.

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